Every year, partygoers are hounded by just that one burning question, “Where’s The Party?”. Of course, they’re referring to Carlsberg’s epic mystery event that hones in on consumers’ natural fascination with the unknown and challenges the curiosity of everyone who constantly craves excitement.

It’s a global phenomenon that has gained traction amongst music buffs that love a good party but have no clue where it is happening, who is performing, or what to expect.


This round, Carlsberg Malaysia plays host to the  unconventional, unique, and ambiguous third installment of “Where’s The Party”, featuring cutting edge staging, infectious vibe all with a Carlsberg twist.

The massive showcase presents a mega line-up of acts specially assembled and consisting of local heroes to fantastic music gurus from around the world and fans are encouraged to step-up and discover their adventurous streak as they venture towards the unknown.

Again, no one knows where or who or how. And the only way to find out is to get on the Carlsberg “Where’s The Party” coveted guest list. After which, A designated meeting point assembles the eager adventurers and they are then transported to party central. Gosh! The suspense is killing us.

Geared to knock punters off their feet, Carlsberg’s “Where’s The Party” series will see its best adventure yet and consumers can track the thrilling escapade by logging onto Carlsberg’s Facebook page.

Let’s go, Malaysia!

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