Looks like he has a new one!

Seven tattoos might not be enough for this adorable supertar because Justin Bieber has added a new one into his collection. What’s the tattoo you ask? A big-eyed owl inked on his left arm. The Biebs posted a photo on his Instagram saying, “Befo the paps get me”. Not so brave now are we?


This is his eight tattoo to go with a bird on his hip, a Hebrew word on his ribcage, an image of Jesus , praying hands on his calf, “Believe” on his left arm, Japanese symbol, and also a crown. When will his new tattoo be we wonder. Hmm. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Oh, also, that’s not all you guys! Bieber also introduced his new sidekick to the world. Who is he, or rather, it? Introducing Pac, a tiny, round, loveable pet hamster. He posted a photo on Instagram and also tweeted saying, “Me and #pac on the road”.

Uh oh. Has Selena been dethroned?


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