Earlier, we let you in on a little early Christmas vibe with “A Very Merry Perri Christmas”. And now, we’re going to slip a chat that we had with the singer-songwriter herself. Christina Perri talks about wrapping up her tour, her Christmas EP, and what Christmas means to her:

How was your tour? Did you wrap it up already?

“Yes, it has already finished well about few days ago and it was the most wonderful experience of my life. I mean I’ve been touring for 3 months straight but it was five separate tours in the last ten months and the final month is this month’s tour and seriously..the most incredible experience of my life.”


How did you find time between touring to work on “A Very Merry Perri Christmas”?

“(laughs) I have no idea! Apparently, we did it in July and I can’t remember and it was just long time ago. I think we were six days home and we decorated the recording studio like a winter wonderland and we did Christmas in July and everybody had Santa hats, Christmas lights, and Christmas trees. We even had Santas in toilets and we just made Christmas as early as possible. We recorded the EP in one week and went back to tour.”

Why did you decide to this EP, though?

“Christmas is not only my favourite holiday. It’s one of my favourite things in the whole world because it’s music, Christmas is a season, Christmas is everything. It’s just my favourite sound of the year so I feel like it’s very inevitable for me to make a Christmas album or EP at some point of my career. It’s something so special to me, it’s really the first music I ever remember singing to – it was at Christmas event so I really feel like it’s a dream come true for me. It was really easy to pick out my favourite and to be singing them for 25 years..I just feel like it was the perfect timing taking a break between album one and album two. It was good to have something new come out so overall it was a good idea and I am so proud of it.”

Did you choose the songs that you sang on the EP or were they chosen for you?

“I choose the songs – they are my favourite Christmas songs. It’s my top five favourites and then the sixth song..is an original called ‘There’s Something About December’. I wrote that song in LA with my big brother.”

Your Christmas songs sound self-reflective, is that the mood you are going for?


“Well, I guess I’ve never considered myself as a pop artist with regards to my music, my album, and my live shows. These are my favourite Christmas songs and they happen to be the emotional ones which I think, really, is exactly who I am all the time. All the songs in my career that I’ve written are very emotional so I think it makes sense.”

[youtube id=”s1GWJkAUIsE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

What will be your typical Christmas Eve and Christmas day for you?

“A typical Christmas Eve for my family and I is..how we would gather for dinner. We would eat so much food on Christmas Eve and we would wake up the next morning and eat so much food again. It’s all about eating, laughing, and hanging out with the whole family. I have a very large family so I would probably meet 50 people on that day and open Christmas presents in the morning, and watch Christmas movies together with my family.”

What do you really want this Christmas?

“All I want this year for Christmas is my family. I have been gone for so long and I am travelling the whole world and I miss my mom, dad, brother, cousins, grandmother, and my uncle. I feel like a little kid in the ‘Home Alone’ movie. I just want my family for Christmas.”

Given that the new year is fast approaching, is there any new year resolution that you are determined to see through?

“New Year’s resolution, oh man. I’ve had conversations with the universe for the past two years and everything I’ve ever dreamt of for this past year has come true. I have yet to decide what I want to accomplish in the year 2013, other than the next album cycle for me. I think that the most important thing would be..doing this all over again but bigger and better. I would like to grow not only as a musician but as a person and to have an incredible chapter of my life. I am hoping for the best.”

We’ve got our fingers crossed for you too, Christina! Thanks for taking time to speak to us. Don’t forget to come back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Oh, and “A Very Merry Perri Christmas” to you too.

For more information, hit up her Facebook page or her Twitter account.

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