Most of us don’t actually need a reason to watch “Skyfall” considering how Daniel Craig as Bond Bond movies would usually sell on his own. Having said that, after catching the preview screening of the popular 007 film series, we think that this one’s a must watch – above all other previous Bond films.

First and foremost, an iconic character dies in the film. Dies. Terminated. James Bond (played by Daniel Craig, of course) dies really early but don’t catapult out of your seat and demand for a refund yet as soon as you see his obituary being typed out by M (played by Judi Dench).


As with all 007 films, the plot will always thicken.

“Skyfall” reveals how lonely and “damaged” Bond really is, how drug dependent and alcohol dependent is really is. In the beginning of the film, it seems like he’s, for lack of better word, soul-searching by some random ocean with some random sun-kissed woman after surviving a near-death experience. But after finding out that a threat has emerged and the MI6 is coming under siege, he runs (albeit coolly and in a suit) to M’s aid.

In an attempt to help save the organization from cyberterrorism, Bond has to pass physique and “agent competency” tests – all of which he fails, of course, due to the injuries that he sustained from his near-death experience. But because he’s the crème de la crème of MI6 agents, M slots him back into duty anyway.

Yes, we said “cyberterrorism”. As traditionally English the 007 films are, it’s nice to see how director Sam Mendes has put in every ounce of effort to make the film relevant to present times. Old dog, new tricks, they say.

His duty/mission? To save a stolen list of secret agents before more and more names are revealed to the world and find the villain mastermind (played by Javier Bardem) behind this act of cyberterrorism. Sure, it sounds easy peasy because Bond is a world-class “exceeding expectations all the time” spy/secret agent but, consider his handicap. Can a trembling hand fire a gun right, let alone kill a villain?

And with one of the iconic characters dying, will this mark the end of the most popular spy film in the history of mankind?:


[youtube id=”6kw1UVovByw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We say it’s perhaps one of the most gripping 007 films yet! No spoilers. Catch when “Skyfall” is released at a cinema near you on 1st November 2012 (Thursday).

For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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