One whiff is all it takes for girls to decide if a man makes or breaks it.

Understanding this, AXE, the world’s top male grooming brand, took a one-of-a-kind approach to inspire men to smell great. The “AXE – See Where It Takes You” roadshow was specially conceptualized for men to experience the “AXE Effect”, first-hand, and to discover the boundless possibilities AXE fragrances can ignite.


The experience came to life when a seemingly ordinary sampling activity was taken over by a surprise swarm of gorgeous AXE Angels, attempting to get closer to the unsuspecting “victim”, who had given himself a dash of AXE.

This special moment of attraction was captured by the AXE TV crew with strategically placed hidden cameras.

[youtube id=”7Yj8Xm5GE58″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

And the reason behind all these, uh, “supernatural” reactions or rather, phenomenons?

Research has shown that smell is deeply connected to one’s emotional state and influences the way people behave. Men who smell good will experience a boost of confidence, which translates in their body language, enhancing their appeal. This is what the “AXE Effect” embodies. It is the “scent” of self-assurance that serves as the fundamental driving force for men to go the distance and reach out to their hearts’ desires.

Ah! Quite easily done. Enter the thousands of shy Malaysian men who now know the best and easiest way to pick up a girl without having to utter a single word.


For more information, visit AXE Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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