“I am having a boy!”, she exclaimed with sheer excitement.

It’s official and it’s true, one of the world’s most famous Victoria’s Secret Angels is going to have a gorgeous baby boy. In December 2011, not long after she worked the runway for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, 30-year-old Alessandra Ambrosio revealed that she was indeed expecting her second child.


And now she is only five weeks away from giving birth. Oh how time flies!

When asked, Alessandra gushed, “Because I already have a daughter, Anja, I know what to expect with a girl. So having a boy means it’s going to be surprising all over again. My fiancé is so excited. Now he has company! He won’t be in a house full of girls anymore!”

“I have wanted a boy for a long time. It’s the best news! But the hardest part is picking a name for him. I want something that works well in both Portugese and English. It can’t be too American or my grandmother won’t be able to pronounce it!”

And who better to help her pick out names than her adorable little daughter, 3-year-old Anja.

We’re pretty sure that little Anja will do more than just picking out names – we already know that’s she’s super excited about taking on the role as the responsible big sister to her future baby brother.

Alessandra and family are currently busy prepping for the new arrival. And us? We just can’t wait to see pictures of the beautiful family when the time comes!

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