After the wildly successful “Breathe And Stop Tour” in August 2012, the first region-wide tour of its caliber, November will see three more legendary Hip Hop DJs shaking down dance floors across six iconic cities in South East Asia.

This dynamic event series continues on in the tradition of groundbreaking “Breathe And Stop” events by integrating dance, music, and the audience in a celebration of originality and passion. The “Laced Up” Tour features three of the world’s most critically acclaimed party rockers DJs who are all armed and ready with a diverse selection of hip hop, soul, funk, house, reggae, and everything in between. They are:

Tony Touch

The tour will also feature “Breathe & Stop Champion” dance crew from each region in an exclusive showcase performance!


For the first time, the “Breathe & Stop Cypher One” battle will see 15 of the best dancers in each city battle it out till one winner reigns supreme demonstrating their flavour, musicality, style, stamina, and skillfulness over at least three different genres of music. Along with the “Heavy Boogie” crew, top local talents from around the region as well as breathtaking live visuals from Scratch Media, this will be a non stop party rocking extravaganza not to be missed.

Laced Up is set to rock Kuala Lumpur at The Butter Factory on 16th November 2012 (Friday). For details and updates including ticket prices please visit their Facebook page.

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