The highly anticipated retrospective music event “Retro Sunsplash” is back for its fourth edition! Held for the first time in the capital city, the 90s music themed event will offer a wonderful tribute to the diverse 90’s – from Ace of Base, R Kelly, Whitney Houston, Tupac down to early house music like Stardust, Modjo, Madison Avenue, and Daft Punk.

Fittingly, rocking the sets will be top local DJs who ruled the scene back in the day, such as:

  • Richard Khoo (Piccadilly, Timeout)
  • Sunanda aka DJ Face (Backroom, Boom Boom Room)
  • Jinggo Bilboa (Uncle Chill’s, Alibi)
  • Jay (Planet Hollywood)
  • Nesh (DV8) and John Dave (Colors, The Jump)
  • Alfred Low (Tinmine 2)
  • Nicky Zullu (Musictheque)

As seen in the tagline, “Charity. Fab Music. Good Times. Great Friends.”, raising money for the underprivileged has always been a foremost priority for event, and this year they are supporting Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Kurang Upaya Kirtarsh in Bukit Beruntung, Rawang for the second time running, having previously raised RM16,000 in June, and hoping to raise even more this time around.

The people behind “Retro Sunsplash”

Although entry to the event is free, money will be raised through drink sales and collection boxes strategically placed around the venue. The excitement level will also be raised this year with a lucky draw offering fantastic prizes at only RM10 per entry and a high stakes British pool competition with an RM50 entry fee.

A special retro cars showcase will also be held outside of Life Centre on the day to further accentuate the retro feel of this unique event. Deets are as follows:

Date: 4th November 2012 (Sunday)

Time: 4pm – 3am

Venue: Dirty Nelly’s, Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Event Theme: Back to Basics  ~The 90’s Edition~

For more information, visit Retro Sunsplash 4’s event page.

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