Last month, the “BeautyCamp” kicked off for 17 young Malaysian women who are all vying to be the next Miss Universe Malaysia. The girls were required to live together in a beautiful bungalow in Bandar Setia Alam while a crew follows them around, filming for the reality TV series.

The five-episode reality series, part of the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant will air its pilot episode on 11th November 2012 on 8TV, leading up to the Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 gala finale on 10th December 2012. Sure, it sounds easy but really, it’s not! Especially not when they have to face the panel of judges that were just announced!

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They are:


Ben Ibrahim – He who has had an illustrious career in both in the media and the corporate world. A chance encounter with a TV shoe producer in 2005 put him into the limelight as a much sought-after personality to host TV shoes and as a professional MC. He has also been a regular columnist in some prominent print publication titles.

Kavita Sidhu – She who has been a successful model and actress since the 1980s. She was the first Malaysian to ever win an international beauty pageant and has since gone on to produce TV shoes, and in more recent times, has launched her own clothing line and swimsuit line as well.

Andrea Fonseka – She who is both a former Miss Universe Malaysia and current National Director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO). They say that if Tyra Banks had an Asian counterpart, it would be Andrea Fonseka. Sure, she has won the hearts of Malaysians since she donned the prized Miss Malaysia Universe tiara in 2004, but will any of the finalists be able to win her heart?

Benjamin Tong – He who is all out to be the girls’ mentor, catwalk guru, trainer, and is in no way emotionally supportive. Ben has had more than 10 years under his belt of runway training, fashion styling, and runway choreography. It’s safe to say that he expects a lot from the Miss Universe Malaysia finalists!

Nadine Ann Thomas – She is, of course, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010, and she has always exhibited a flair and passion for fashion and art. Her role as a judge also includes acting as special mentors to counsel and guide the finalists throughout the duration of the pageant.

Taken with a HTC One S
Taken with a HTC One S

And there you have it!

The final six contestants who survived the elimination from the reality series will vie for the title of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 at the gala finale event. Additionally, two previously eliminated finalists will be given the opportunity to get back into the competition and compete in the gala night, as a result of two wildcards:

  1. The result of SMS voting by viewers of the show.
  2. The judges’ wildcard.

Talk about a nail-biting experience. Don’t forget to tune in to 8TV on 11th November (Sunday) for the pilot episode of The Next Miss Universe Malaysia!


For more information on Miss Universe Malaysia, visit its official website or Facebook page.

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