Tap your feet to the steady rock beat and expect a night full of laughter at Italiannies Empire Shopping Gallery this Friday (26th October 2012) with the “Kung ho”-ness of  Bongga Bongga. Leave all your workplace blues at the office and enjoy a good old time with great sounds.

Formed since 2008, these veterans play  dreamy acoustics to a mind boggling rock till you drop sets, covering classic and popular chart hits from the 60s to present. Together with their crazy wits and jokes, Bongga Bongga guarantees you a catchy, authentic and unforgettable night.


Bongga Bongga comprises of Sherman who is the lead vocalists, Arab on acoustic guitar, and Mark on percussions and drums. Good times are meant to be shared. So bring your family and friends along and revive back those good memories with Bongga Bongga at Italiannies. A’more di Merrier!

Deets are as follows:

Date: 26th October 2012 (Friday)

Time: 9pm till late

Venue: Italiannies, Empire Shopping Gallery

For more information, visit Italiannies’ Facebook page or Bongga Bongga’s Facebook page.

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