First things first, remember that one time when superstar/DJ producer Armin van Buuren threw massive 550 “The Invasion” parties across two continents (London, Moscow, Kiev, Los Angeles, Miami, and Den Bosch)? Even if you weren’t physically there at the celebrations, you would’ve probably caught the live streams or seen DJs/producers spam your Facebook and Twitter timelines all throughout March.

Just hours ago, Armin got on a live stream with promoters from all around the world, live from his Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), to announce his A State Of Trance (ASOT) 600 tour.


With six destinations on the itinerary, Armin, the team behind his Armada juggernaut, and the people of ASOT personally handpicked the cities that were all campaigning hard for the chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to play host. And who wouldn’t want to, anyway? ASOT is, after all, one of the most popular radio mix shows on the planet.

An estimated 25 million people across 26 countries worldwide is set to tune in to Armin’s live event at ASOT 600 in Sepang next year.

We know that a whole lot of you #trancefamily peeps have been waiting for Armin to come back – and now, we can officially say that he is! With his ASOT 600 entourage, to boot. Yup. You read right. The massive ASOT600 “The Expedition” tour is coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 15th March 2013 (Friday).

Dare we say, that this is by far the biggest electronic dance music (EDM) announcement to Malaysians this year! A State of Trance (ASOT) 600 “The Expedition” Tour dates and cities as follows:

  1. 16th February 2013 – Mexico City
  2. 1st March 2013 – Sao Paulo
  3. 9th March 2013 – Beirut
  4. 15th March 2013 – Kuala Lumpur (That’s us!)
  5. 30th March 2013 – New York
  6. 6th April 2012 – Den Bosch

And no, apparently, there’s nothing that Armin van Buuren can’t do. #trancefamily,  mark the date and hang on to your seats because the best is yet to come!


For  more information, hit up the official “A State of Trance” website or Facebook page. Don’t forget to LIKE Armin van Buuren’s Facebook page while you’re at it.

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