To celebrate the launch of its upcoming new look, Twisties is set to be the first snack in Malaysia to be launched into the edge of space. Through the “Click to Launch” campaign, Twisties will first garner 100,000 pledges through the Twisties Malaysia Facebook Fan Page before the launch on 28th October 2012 (Sunday).

Fans and consumers can be part of this historic event by simply pledging their support via the specially created Click to Launch app on the Twisties Malaysia Facebook Fan Page. Every time someone hits the Big Red Button, a pledge will be added to a counter that displays the number of pledges garnered in real time.


The Facebook application also provides an interactive Twisties-themed photo booth for social media lovers to add a twist to their photographs taken, and of course, share their creative photos with their friends and family.

Aside from pledging their support to launch Twisties into the edge of space, fans can also stand a chance to launch their personal belongings into the upper reaches of Earth as well. Fans just have to nominate their item of choice via the Click to Launch app and share a compelling story on why they should be chosen.

Uh, just..please don’t launch your other half or any other random person into space, yes?

In line with the spirit of Twisties taking flight, Twisties has also created a short film detailing the exploits of a budding Malaysian “astronaut” who aspires to take off as well!:

[youtube id=”YXx3rHmAY-I” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Click to Launch campaign will culminate with the video unveiling of the Twisties pack being launched into the edge of space at a special launch event and roadshow at Sunway Pyramid on 28th October 2012 (Sunday). At the event, Twisties will also unveil brand new twisted pack designs for all six Twisties flavours that Malaysians have grown to love:

  1. BBQ Curry Dude
  2. The Big Cheese
  3. Yo Chicken
  4. Duh Tomato
  5. Spicy Sausage
  6. Honey BBQ Wings

Honestly? We’re curious too because we haven’t seen the pack designs either. Let’s pledge, shall we?


For more information on Twisties’ Click to Launch campaign, please log on to the Twisties Malaysia Facebook page.

Log on now!

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