Legendary Korean pop sensation Psy visited the set of “The Wolverine” yesterday, and bumped into Hugh Jackman. He clearly couldn’t miss out the opportunity to do the “Oppa Gangnam Style” – with Wolverine’s claws, to boot!

Both of the hitmakers tweeted pics of the encounter, and Hugh looked very happy to meet Psy and do the dance.

“Had a great time with @RealHughJackman #GangnamStyleWolverine~!!! Lol”, Psy tweeted early Tuesday morning. Jackman also tweeted about the meet up, saying, “Slicing gangnam style!!!! Great to meet @psy_oppa who visited set yesterday!”:


Jackman is currently filiming “The Wolverine,” a sequel-slash-reboot of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in Australia. The hot actor also stars in “Les Miserables”, which is due out in theaters in December.

Now who said a macho man can’t dance!


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