If you’ve been following the multi-award winning TV series about the dead/undead, “The Walking Dead”, then you’d probably know the character, Andrea (played by Laurie Holden) by heart. But, if you don’t already know her by heart, then come with us as we take you on an exclusive interview with the actress!

Here’s your chance to get to know her a little bit better, right out of shooting for season three of “The Walking Dead” on set in Raleigh Studios:

Hi Laurie. Can you quickly do a recap of the end of season two and then lead us into what will be happening at the start of season three? Season three is only premiering in Malaysia on 21st October!


“Well you saw at the end of season two I got separated from the group. I was doing pretty well in the woods until I ran out of gas, literally, (laughs) I just got tired and was saved by this wonderful woman, the iconic Michonne. When we pick up in season three you’ll see that we’re on our own battling zombies, trying to make our way in this post-apocalyptic world.”

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And fearing the living too, apparently. What would you say is the mood in general for season three?

“It’s very mixed. Obviously heart-wrenching at times and I think we’re far more violent than we’ve ever been. But there’s also moments of extreme joy and hope and at times you’ll see laughter and love. Andrea is on her own and she is forced to make a lot of hard choices and the ramifications of her decisions are huge and it’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride emotionally, but then again this is ‘The Walking Dead’, so what would you expect?”

How different are the zombies this time around, stepping up a level with the prosthetics?

“Yeah, they really are. Greg Nicotero and KNB (KNB EFX team) are absolute geniuses, they’ve really stepped it up because now they’re doing puppetry, puppetry animatronics so they really have stepped it up. They just keep getting better and better so I think Greg Nicotero is going to continue winning Emmys every year. He just picked up one the other day. They are geniuses and it makes the show because they need to be real for you to buy the whole world. They look real, they smell real, and they scare the hell out of all of us.”


They smell, too? Eww. Sitting and eating at lunch break in the canteen opposite zombies aka extras must be fun.

“Well, it’s interesting because I’ve worked with some zombies and they are so sweet and in between takes they put on their Ray-Bans or have a cigarette or they’re like, ‘I loved you in this movie!’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, you’re so sweet. I’m supposed to hate you!’. (laughs) They are just people with a lot of make-up on. They are real artists because they all had to go to zombie school; they learned how to walk and move and lot of them have back stories they created for themselves: how they died, who they were beforehand which affects their movements, the pain in their eyes or whether they’re a sorrowful or a hopeful zombie. They’re all really unique so they’re not just miscellaneous zombies. They’re human beings that had a tragic death that got caught up in this kind of purgatory.”

Here’s what we still can’t really grasp even after two seasons – the fascination with the zombie apocalypse. Can you explain what’s with that? Even your own attraction to it and the attraction of this world for people?

“First of all, none of us knew our little zombie show would turn into this worldwide phenomenon. I say that with a little smile, because, who knew? We were doing this sweet little show for AMC and that somehow got the attention of the world and I think a lot of it is because, although some people really do love zombies, I think it is a very character-driven story, and it’s a morality tale about the human condition; what happens to people in adverse circumstances, do they become their best selves? A leader? Or does their base nature take over? I think that we explore that each season.”

So, at the end of a long day or after a long few days of shooting, when yet another episode has wrapped up, do you ever feel like you take a little of Andrea home with you at all?

“Oh yeah, I feel more and more that Andrea and Laurie Holden are very intertwined, I don’t mean to sound like a schmaltzy actor, but I really dive into my role, so when my character is like, in season 1, my character lost Amy and I was just a suicidal sad sack, I really lived in a very dark place for a while, that was my choice, but I really wanted to dive into the work. Andrea now becoming so strong and athletic, and I swim every day, I could do a triathlon at this point! So a lot of this is part of gearing up for the character, you do whatever it takes to be prepared emotionally and physically, but I feel very, very connected to Andrea, especially now that she has found her feet.”

Last one for the road then you’re free to go! If you could choose a random celebrity to fight zombies with you around the world, who would it be?

“A random celebrity? Well, I’d hope he was cute. Yeah! (laughs) Who would that be? Who would be like a really gorgeous, sexy, strong, powerful man who could protect the universe? If he wasn’t psychotic, that would be the Governor. David Morrissey’s pretty awesome. That’s a hard one. Who’s in popular culture right now that would fit those shoes? Ooh, I love Denzel Washington! I think at the end of the world I would like to have someone like Denzel on my side. I loved him in ’The Book of Eli)’.”

© Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

How enlightening. Thanks for taking the time off your super busy schedule to speak to us, Laurie! And for the rest of you fans, catch season three of “The Walking Dead” on FOX Movies Premium (Astro Ch 413) and FOX Movies Premium HD (Astro Ch 433) every Sunday at 11:50pm.

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