Jetsetter superstar Justin Bieber took a break from his busy schedule and surprised 18-year-old patient Crystal Amber Montgomery after a Facebook post informed him that his fan’s greatest dream was to meet him

Joana Antunes, Crystal’s best friend wrote on Justin’s Facebook wall to tell him about Crystal, who has been diagnosed with the cancer “osteosarcoma”, is the youngest patient at the Cross Cancer Institute at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and a huge fan of Justin.


“It would mean the world to Crystal if you stopped even five minutes to see her, since she is too sick to leave the hospital and attend the concert like her and I had originally planned”, Joana pleaded to The Biebs.

Before the surprise, Justin tweeted, “Now off to do something that matters. #giveback”, followed by an Instagram pic of the pop star smiling beside the lucky Crystal with the hastag “#bieberforcrystal“.

Aww, isn’t he the sweetest thing? We definitely need more people like JB. Way to go!


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