Make a wish and now ready, set, talk!

Seth MacFarlane (creator of cartoon series “Family Guy”) definitely had a light bulb moment when he decided to make “Ted”. In a nutshell, it’s a movie that depicts any kid’s dream come true. Except, we’re not sure if it’s really a movie for kids.


So this is what happens – meet little boy named John. Little John is an outcast. Little John wants a friend. A best friend. One who’d love him forever and ever, be with him forever and ever. Little John gets a teddy bear for Christmas. Little John makes a wish upon a star. Teddy bear comes to live. Yay!

Now, fast forward it into the future and little John is now adult John (played by Bretton Manley), and teddy bear is now Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane). Ted who is unbelievably cuddly and cute but crazy. Crazy, rude, and sometimes obscene Ted. Ted gets in the way of everything (smokes pot, curses, smokes more pot, smokes more pot) and is clearly a bad influence on John’s life.

Hey, forever and ever, right?

John’s super duper hot girlfriend-of-four-years, Lori (played by Mila Kunis), however, is not impressed. She gives him the ultimatum. John struggles with having to choose between Ted and Lori. Dun dun dun.

John makes his choice. Conveniently, bad things happen to Ted – then again, Ted is always getting himself into trouble anyway. Nevertheless, bad things happen to Ted. And which people should come to his rescue but both John and Lori?:

[youtube id=”aGW5gpMU9yo” width=”600″ height=”350″]


We won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you. What we will tell you, however, is that this movie will shock you at first, what with Ted’s foul mouth, scandals, and crude jokes. But he will also keep you entertained and make you wish that you had one of ‘em talking plushies like him – just as long as he doesn’t get you or your relationship with your significant other into trouble.

Oh, also, he has pretty awesome quotes such as, “I didn’t know you had a baby. Is it alive?” and “I look like something you give to your kid when you tell ’em Grandma died!”.

Yup. Probably not for the easily offended, huh? Nevertheless, we say, catch this one in the cinema, with a bunch of friends. It’s laughs a-plenty, peeps. Makes you want a “thunder buddy for life”.

You’ll see what we mean.

Psst. Censorship isn’t as heavy as you think! Probably about two minutes worth tops. The movie will be released in a cinema near you on 18th October 2012 (Thursday).

For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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