Bam Margera, of MTV and “Jackass” fame, found a new and offensive way to shock by tweeting a picture of himself threatening to shoot his small, adorable dog. He’s a jackass in real life after all huh?

In a recent twitpic, the 33-year-old risk-taker took things too far when he pointed what apparently to be a gun at his pit bull puppy’s head with a signage next to it that read, “If She Poops One More Time, She Goes Bye Byes“.


Margera, who also has six cats, said he was just kidding around and his fans should know that. Uh, ha ha ha? Very funny Bam.

Anyway, apparently, the gun was a fake and Margera does not own a gun. He has only fired one at a clay pigeon at a sporting event. In an interview with the paper at his home, Margera said he was unaware of a rise in horrific animal-abuse cases in the area and that had he known about the incidents of torture, he never would have posted the photo (Source)


Margera’s girlfriend, Nikki Boyd, said she was the real dog-lover in the house and Margera is “the crazy cat person.”

Fortunately, Penny the pit bull, who has since been renamed Sunny, has a crate and, according to Boyd, is adapting well to training. (Source)

Well, whatever. Shame on you still, Bam. Shame. On. You.

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