HISTORY Channel‘s “Hidden Cities: Extreme” aims to jump into, you guessed it – extreme situations and adventures. The new half hour six-series promises to be a fast-paced television ride that gets the audience holding their breaths and squirming in their seats, rooting for Simon Yin to complete his challenges – safely.

Who’s Simon, you ask?

Taken with a HTC One S

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Well, Simon says (no pun intended) that he’s a director/producer/actor and host from Los Angeles. But this wasn’t always his direction in life. We were surprised to discover that Simon was a premed/business major in college. After med school, interviews “blew up in his face” so he decided to become an investment bank researcher instead.

Worst. Job. Ever. In his own words, anyway.

Then, he found a local ad in the newspaper for acting classes and the rest, as they say, is history. History! No pun intended, again.

Today, he’s based in Hong Kong, where he has been on air for several TV channels, and hosts corporate gigs around the world. He’s also the co-founder of his own production company, “Mustard Collective“.

In this series, Simon treks all across several countries in Asia on an adrenaline high. Whether he’s hunting with a remote tribe in the Philippines, eating tarantulas in Thailand, or taking part in a water buffalo race with locals in Bali, he is not on to take a step back, or look down, for that matter.

Danger ahead!:


[youtube id=”cn7_LsS7Jt4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Hidden Cities: Extreme” premieres on HISTORY (Astro Channel 555/Beyond Package 575), 29th October 2012 (Monday) at 9:30pm, and it airs every Monday after at 9:30pm.

For more information, visit HISTORY Channel’s website or hit up their Facebook page.

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