The moment that we’ve been waiting for is here!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their engagement about two months ago and the long awaited, ever-stunning engagement ring has finally been revealed. It is huge! Massive, really!

The two were spotted in New Mexico, spending some lovey dovey quality time together. 43-year-old Jen was there to shoot her latest movie “We’re The Millers”. Since the handsome fiancé was in town, Jen couldn’t resist taking a break to see him.


Aww, isn’t that sweet?

As you can see, the diamond ring is enormous. Jen was caught sharing a moment with his man while revealing her engagement ring. It is not yet known who designed the ring; however, the emerald-cut diamond is believed to be a staggering eight carats, making it more akin to a cocktail sparkler than a traditional engagement ring.

Or maybe the ring is a message by saying “In your face, Angelina Jolie!”.


After seeing the actual engagement ring, we have to say we are impressed. Who knew Justin had such a deluxe taste? The rock practically takes over half of her finger.

Congratulations to the stunning couple. Mazel tov!


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