And this years Sexiest Woman Alive award goes to (cue epic drum roll)

Mila Kunis!

She used to be the 15-year-old teenager in “That 70s Show”, but now Mila Kunis is the “Sexiest Woman Alive”, as crowned by Esquire magazine replacing the title from last year’s winner our very own miss RiRi (Rihanna). Mila Kunis graces on the cover of Esquire magazine showing off that sexy back of hers wearing nothing but a pair of black leather skinny pants.


From TV sitcom to the silver screen, Kunis had successfully made her transition well. Her performance as Lily in “Black Swan” gained her worldwide awards, including receiving the Premio Marcello Mastroianni for “Best Young Actor or Actress” at the 67th Venice International Film Festival, and nominations for a Golden Globe Award for “Best Supporting Actress” and a Screen Actors Guild Award for “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor” in a Supporting Role.

Watch this sexy video of Mila for Esquire :-

[youtube id=”bOeqqjgxU_I” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Mila now replaces Rihanna as Esquire’s sexiest woman alive. Former beauties owning that excellence have included

  • 2011, Rihanna
  • 2010, Minka Kelly
  • 2009, Kate Beckinsale
  • 2008, Halle Berry
  • 2007, Charlize Theron
  • 2006, Scarlett Johansson
  • 2005, Jessica Biel, and,
  • 2004, Angelina Jolie



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