If you haven’t heard about Mika, then you don’t know what you’re missing. After all, he is known to be quite the cartoon character in terms of his electro-pop-ish musical style. As a matter of fact, his last album “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” was pretty whimsical. Cute, if you may.

With this new release, “The Origin Of Love”, Mika is proving to have grown up (just a bit), producing a much more serious album compared to the last one.


No more fooling around huh, Mika?

The song that shares the same name as the album, “The Origin Of Love” is a happy song. This track is the lead single for this album. If you’re having a bad day, not to worry, blast this in your car or in your room and you will be smiling instantly. Heck. Break into a shimmy, if you want.

[youtube id=”vKBLLbwbqiY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you’ve always been a fan of Mika, this is “the Mika experience” all over again (read: bouncy, twirly, happy).

Also, for the first time ever, Mika aces a collaboration with American rapper/producer, Pharrell Williams, for “Celebrate“. Odd coupling, some might say. But that’s the beauty of being Mika – music doesn’t always have to make sense. To be honest, we say it turned out pretty well:

[youtube id=”sIBXTHB0QDw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Lola” is another track available on the album. Though it’s simple but it’s good. Imagine yourself sitting outside the yard, with your shades on, accompanied with a glass of lemonade while listening to the piano work in the background. Bliss, much? “Do nothing all weekend” vibe, much?

Oh Lola, I’ve made up my mind,


And I’m not going to fall in love with you this time .

Slightly retro, this song will definitely take you to another era.

Emily” was originally “Elle Me Dit”, one of the lead singles. “Elle Me Dit” is also known as the French version of “Emily”, so you kinda get to hear it twice.

[youtube id=”NiHWwKC8WjU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Fine by us, really, because it’s super catchy! Also, let’s not forget how “feel good” the lyrics are:

Emily, it’s your life and you can’t live it twice

One day you’ll understand and then you’ll take my hand

Emily, I love you, and do know you do too

You never make no sense, screaming at me in French

Bullcrotching, that’s that…

Bullcrotching, that’s that…

Shut up listen to me, dance with me Emily

This song was originally “Elle Me Dit,” one of the lead singles. “Emily” has some catchy versus and chorus. Mika is showing some good range in this track. Way to go Mika!

Mika’s “The Origin of Love” is out at a music store near you. Get it, get it! For more information, visit Mika’s official website.

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