So, it has been more than a month since The Butter Factory opened its Malaysian branch. Much has happened since then and we know some of you have been frequently the place.

We thought this would be a good time to catch up with one of their residents DJs and find out what’s been going on at The Butter Factory KL. Luckily for us, he has wild stories to share!


Let’s find out the goss on the club from DJ Marc:

Hi Marc! Thanks for taking time off to speak to us. What’s up, what’s been happening?

“It’s my utmost pleasure! The past month has been really hectic with me coming back to KL after an absence and with me joining Butter Factory KL. Hectic but totally awesome.”

Butter Factory has been open for more than a month now. How has it been treating you so far?

“Let me start by saying..WOW!!! I’ve been having the time of my life since day one. The club really emphasizes a lot of the champagne culture, so I had my fair share of it and I have to say that I’m so in love with the idea of expensive ones. There are also the awesome party goers that patronize Butter Factory KL – we get a nice blend of the “ballers” (if you know what I mean) who party like mad, to the working middle-aged peeps who swing by to let loose after a hard week, to the crazy crazy crazy party freaks who just want to get wild. Conclusion: Even if I’m really exhausted after a hard day at work, I just love The Butter Factory KL!”

Is it still too soon to ask you what was the craziest moment you’ve ever witnessed/experienced in Butter Factory KL?

“Actually, I’ve got loads to share! For starters, the opening weekend launch was insane! Nothing like I’ve experienced in my entire career. The hype which was in like every corner of the place and the crowd was just totally awesome. Initially, I was under the assumption that it was the way it was because The Butter Factory KL has just opened – I didn’t think it could get any better than that. I was wrong. The following day was an even more ballistic night. I’ve never seen champagne trains and showers like how I did that night. Plus, playing alongside five other DJs who were also party freaks just made it even better. I will always remember that night.”


Did you ever think that you’d someday be doing this (being a resident DJ at one of the most reputable clubs)? How did you first start out?

“This is going be a long one. All this time, I’ve been working towards that direction – but me getting call on board The Butter Factory KL was the pinnacle in my nine-year career. I couldn’t have asked for more. Like most DJs in the country I wouldn’t say I had a dreamy and rosy start to my career. It was a really hard one and there were a lot of bumps along the way. By profession, I’m a college graduate in two different disciplines but somehow I kept coming back to DJ-ing. Not many people get to have a job they really love while getting paid to have fun so I would say I have pretty much one of the best jobs in the world. I started off playing in the states like Malacca, then I moved on to Kuantan before coming back to Kuala Lumpur for about three years. I had an offer on a new project in Kuantan which was my base for about four years, which lead me to video mixing till today and boy..was that a journey. Over the years (while being based there) it was really hard to get my name out there while I was there but somehow, after a few years, it did start to get out, which led me here now.”

We take it you’d be playing alongside some big names in the future, now that you’re a resident DJ for Butter Factory KL. Are there any DJs or producers that you’re hoping to share the same stage with someday?

“Ehmmmmm a tough one, this question. I have two; Cash Money and Hardwell.”

Why those DJs/producers in particular?

“Cash Money because, well, which hip hop DJ wouldn’t love him? He is the first inductee in the DJ Hall Of Fame plus he is the co-founder of my favorite scratch the Transformer. And Hardwell because he is the one main reason why I like EDM. He’s so young but he’s already making big waves. Have you seen his videos? I just love his videos. They are amazing.”

Alright last one for the road! Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers at Hype Malaysia?

“A big thank you to all that have been supporting me through all these years! I would love for all of you to come for my nights at The Butter Factory KL and again, thank you Malaysia. Thank you Hype Malaysia!”

For more information, visit The Butter Factory KL’s official website or hit them up on Facebook!

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