We all have funny Light Rail Transit (LRT) stories, from people falling asleep and missing their stops completely, to people carting questionable items. It’s true, not many people practice good LRT etiquette. And here are the Top 5 LRT Pet Peeves according to some of our stalkers fellow LRT riders.

The Rushers


(Picture source: http://www.lonelyreload.com)

Whether you’re moving in or moving out of the cabin, especially during rush hour, there will always be the all too eager passengers. Rushing and pushing their way in or out of the LRT, it can only mean one thing; clogged up doorways. Do you mind? Be courteous and please, get out of the way.

The Hoggers

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You know this one. Yes, we’re talking about people who refuse to give up their seats for the handicapped, pregnant, and aged. There are also “hoggers” who conveniently take one seat for themselves and another for their belongings. What’s the deal?

The Body Rubbers


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It’s rush hour, the LRT cabins are jam-packed. What’s the last thing you need? Creepy people! We know, we can’t help it if people come in contact with each other but seriously, body rubbing and looking like you’re meant to do that? Creepy!

The Sleepers

(Picture source: http://kyspeaks.com/)

Too early in the morning? Too tired after work? Take a seat, have a nap. Or not! It’s almost impossible to be “graceful” when you’re sleeping in the LRT. So don’t scare the passenger next to you when your head conveniently rests on their shoulder. Whoops!

The Carry-Alls

(Picture source: http://33elephantsandagap.blogspot.com)

When traveling to and fro in the LRT, riders have no choice but to cart around their entire day’s worth of “luggage” with them. And that’s fine. But if you’re going to carry all that “excess baggage”, there’s always one thing to consider – remember that you’re carrying all that “excess baggage”. Nobody likes to be hit squarely in the face or on the shin by your stuff!

So, LRT riders and to-be LRT riders, have some courtesy. Practice good LRT-riding etiquette for the love of other LRT riders. And if you have any funny or annoying LRT stories you would like to share, leave them in the comments. We would love to hear them!


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