Barely a year after Apple technology guru and creative entrepreneur Steve Jobs left us, an upcoming independent biopic is already in the pipeline. Some of us had already expected it since his biography (by Walter Isaacson) was released.

What we didn’t expect was the leading actor of choice.


It was announced today that Steve Jobs’ independent movie, simply titled “Jobs” will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern. And who better to play and honour the late Steve Jobs himself other than the one TV and movie actor who bears a striking resemblance to a young Jobs, Ashton Kutcher.

Not to be confused by the other project by Sony Pictures, the rival film based on writer Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, this indie biopic will chronicle Jobs’ rise from a Northern Californian hippie upbringing to the co-founding of Apple.

Sorry. We can’t seem to get Ashton Kutcher’s comedic side out of our heads but, that aside, what do you guys think? Resemblance like a spitting image?:

(Picture source:

(Picture source:

We have to hand it to them! Did the casting crew get the leading actor of choice for this spot on or what?


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