So, while we listened to Pink’s “The Truth About Love”, we can’t help but wonder if the album was inspired by or has got anything to do with her husband, Carey Heart.

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Consider these lyrics off the title track:

The truth about love is it comes and it goes,


A strange fascination with his lips on toes.

Morning breath, bedroom eyes on a smiling face,

Sheet marks, rug burn, and a sugar glaze.

Shocking me all, they can eat your eyes,

It’s the truth about love.

I think it just may be perfect,

The only person of my dreams.

I never ever ever ever been this happy,


But now something has changed.

And the truth above love is it’s all a lie,

I thought you were the one, and I hate goodbyes.

Does it not give Adele a run for her money or what? Read: heartbreak. On a lighter note, this is an album you’d want to be chomping on. At your own leisure.

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It seems like Pink hasn’t lost her “women empowerment” touch and emotionally-driven songs without sounding all “outright bubblegum pop” cheesy. If you’re expecting  some angst in “The Truth About Love”, you’ve got it.

With her sixth album, Pink stays true to herself. And by that, we mean a pop misfit. One song off the album, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” caught our attention immediately. Of course, it has an awesome music video to boot. Check out the production:

[youtube id=”3jNlIGDRkvQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We hear that the song is already a top hit on the charts. We’re not surprised.

Are We All We Are” might remind you of Pink’s 2010’s “Raise Your Glass” because it’s anthem-y. We like it! It embodies self-empowerment and is generally a feel good song. You can’t turn off a feel good song. Sorry, scratch that. We meant to say that  we can’t turn off a feel good song sung with a voice like that:

[youtube id=”gdjAvlkHCtI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Other songs such as, “Slut Like You” will take you in and drown you in deep perspective about feminism. Sure, it’s a little obnoxious but have you been expecting any less from the wildly-popular-for-acts-of-rebellion artiste?

If you love Pink, we urge you to pick this one up!

Taken with a HTC One S

The Truth Above Love” is available at a music store near you. Get it, get it now. For more information, visit her official website. Alternatively, you could tweet her and tell her how much you love her new album!

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