Recognize this guy? He once starred in “The O.C.” and more recently, “Sons of Anarchy”. He also dated Katy Perry way back in 2006. In fact, it was said that Katy’s song, “The One That Got Away” was partially about him. (Source)

His name? Johnny Lewis.


Soon after the relationship between Johnny and Katy ended, the actor kept getting into trouble with the law. Earlier in January this year, he attacked two men and hit them in the head with a bottle. But by then, he had already been arrested three times for trying to break into an occupied home in California to resisting arrest.

Following which, Johnny was sent to treatment programs that specialized in drug and alcohol addiction as well as, get this, mental illness.

It’s safe to say that the star was troubled. Very troubled.

And now, news is rampantly reporting that 28-year-old Johnny Lewis was found dead in the driveway of a Los Angeles home. He had killed his 81-year-old landlady, Catherine Davis, before dismembering her cat. According to Coroner’s investigative division Lt. Fred Corral, Catherine died from blunt head trauma and manual strangulation. (Source)

Johnny then got into an altercation with two other neighbours with a plank, climbed onto a roof, and fell/jumped to his death.  How tragic. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and fans during this difficult time.

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