Here’s what happens: Joe (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) lives in the year 2042, and he’s a Looper. A Looper is basically a mafia-employed assassin – also known as a murderer without any hesistations.

His duties are plain and simple – to kill bound and gagged targets that are sent back through time. For each successful kill earns Joe silver. And Joe has quite a fair bit of silver stashed away. Yup. He has cold-bloodedly killed some.


All is well until an order to “close the loop” came from a future boss named, the “Rainmaker”.

Joe’s boring cycle of “wait and shoot” breaks one day when his older (about 30 years into the future) self appears. The older Joe (played  by Bruce Willis) escapes and it lands the younger Joe in trouble.

While the mafias are after him, the younger Joe is suddenly in a struggle against past, present, future, escape, survival, and revenge. Live, die, kill, protect, save, which one will it be? Also, the movie wouldn’t have been complete without a few twists and turns:

  • The older Joe was doing everything that he was doing to save the life of someone in the future and not entirely because he was trying to escape death.
  • Some brutal and almost needless killing of children is involved.
  • There’s something about 10-year-old Cid (played by Pierce Gagnon) that you can’t put your finger on but you’ll find out soon enough.

Tough! Wouldn’t you like to see how the younger Joe gets out of this one?


On the hindsight, sci-fi and time travel fans would love this one. Director Rian Johnson doesn’t know this yet but he has created a slick and twisted sci-fi movie that will continue to entertain for years to come. Think of it as a more messed up (in a good way) version of ”Back To The Future”. While most sci-fi and time travel flicks involve a lot of heavy CGI, “Looper” is oddly simple enough and rawer. Not much special effect needed save for some awesome yet-to-be-made gadgets seen in the movie.

Obviously, special effects aren’t needed to define a good sci-fi movie. As long as it has strong, witty lines and good looking actors to carry their roles well. And yes, we’re talking about you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Fake nose and all.

Our advice though, is that you get into this one without feeling the need to dissect the idea of time traveling. Keep in mind that it hasn’t been invented (obviously!) and try not to gauge its technics in “Looper” by comparing it to other time travel movies.

We didn’t argue with it. We just enjoyed it!

Looper will be released at a cinema near you on 27th September 2012. For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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