Here’s an album you can’t possible not enjoy – Spector’s debut album, “Enjoy It While It Lasts”. You may remember that one time when we spoke to Chris Burman of the fun-loving band, yes? We couldn’t go without properly reviewing the album.

Their album in a nutshell? If we could give them an acceptance speech of some sort, we’d like to thank them for bringing back good, uplifting music. Honest!


Firstly, before you pop the songs into your CD player or your iTunes, you best prepare for an out-of-this-world musical adventure. At first listen, “Enjoy It While It Lasts” would remind you of the good old days of Pulp. Remember Pulp? Remember having to restrain from bobbing your heads shamelessly to those sounds? Yup. Like that.

Songs like “No Adventure” and “Chevy Thunder”, for example, are jam-packed with energy:

[youtube id=”XW_HMJLKHso” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you could filter out some rubbish that you hear on the radio these days, and just carefully pick out strings of melodies, you’d most likely get pure pop without the frills and “try hard”s, right?

Well, that’s what Spector is all about – minus the need to filter. Also, might we add that the UK indie rockers appear to have a knack for romanticizing listeners with quirky lyrics:

Let me in or let me go

I don’t wanna know, I don’t wanna know

I could never hold you down (hold me)


I could never make you proud (make me)

I could never leave you girl (leave you)

I would rather leave this world (believe me)

We’re too old to die young

Yeah we just play our part

Adventure in our head

No adventure in our heart

Ace! Now, who said that indie bands can’t dish it out when they need to?

Of course, “Enjoy It While It Lasts” is not just filled with enthusiastic tunes (which are good for long drives and rush hour traffic jams). Hidden within the LP is the ballad, “Never Fade Away”, written and sung in full Spector gusto but still sweet, nonetheless. This anthem to love would make you think, “Oh, it’s perfectly okay to wear my heart on my sleeve after all because Spector says so!”

We would know. We’re wearing our hearts on our sleeves for them. Bobbing our heads to the songs on “Enjoy It While It Lasts” all at the same time, too.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out Spector’s YouTube channel to listen to more of their pop-infested music. For more information on the band, visit their official website.

They’re also on Twitter, you know. If you want to stalk them. But don’t tell them we said that.

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