Come 26th September 2012 (Wednesday), a brand new series will premiere on Discovery Channel, featuring Gary Humphrey (former British special forces operative) and Bill Wu (American petrol head) as they are dropped into an unknown and forced to survive – each other and their surroundings.

One Car Too Far” is an all-new five-part survival series that will follow the two men as they journey through incredible landscapes and are forced to work together to survive, and ultimately escape to safety. With no proper roads and no real supplies, Gary and Bill must rely on instinct and expertise alone to make it out.

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Ah, but there’s a catch.


They both have just three days to track down a 10-year-old red car, lovingly named, “Ruby“. Sure, it’s a four wheel drive all-purpose vehicle – but it’s not specially equipped for harsh terrains. Also, the two men are required to bring Ruby back to civilization using only their wits and their wheels on an incredible journey that pits them against the clock and Chile’s most extreme environments.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

We speak to the brave, adventurous men on their intense show, and some of that bromance they experienced while working together. Ahem:

How did you two survive without any real supplies such as real proper food? Were you two required to hunt or eat anything that was out of the ordinary (read: gross/disgusting)?

Gary: “We caught mostly fish which was a brilliant source of protein. But there were also lizards and you know, I’ll eat almost anything. Bill’s always going on about kobe beef and all those other stuff. You get cheesed off because you’re hungry and you don’t really wanna hear about those food and him moaning all the time. So one day, I killed some lizards – Mommy lizard, Daddy lizard..then I cooked them all on a hot rock. I mean, I’d eat it anyway and I’d be fine but I wanted to see Bill eat it. And not just eat it but have to eat it on camera.”

Bill: “I think Gary was just getting back at me because he wanted me to take a shower in this freezing river. I was like, no way it’s like -5 degrees. So as he was taking a bath, I was peeing down the stream and he saw that and..he got mad haha! He was supposed to kill a goat or a rat or whatever but he ended up killing some of these lizards and he made me eat it. It was so wrong!”

Gary: “Yummy!”

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What was it like working with each other having never met until the first episode of the show? Did some bromance develop?

Bill: “When you watch the show, with each episode, you’ll see our relationship evolve. We’re both alpha males – Gary is used to giving orders and I’ve always been used to working for myself. For him, upon meeting me, he’s like do this! Do that! And I’m like, no. I’m a prankster so I liked doing funny things to Gary and make his life miserable..”


Gary: “We do get into some difficult confrontations but at the end of the day, we just shake each other’s hands.”

How many crew members followed you guys around on the production of  “One Car Too Far”?

Gary: “We had a couple of camera guys, a sound guy, and the director. The thing with a reality TV show is, if you want to shots, you need cameras. It doesn’t matter what people say about it being set up – no, it’s not set up.”

Bill: “Yeah and you know, when I signed up for this, they didn’t tell me that we would be sleeping outside for three days next to the car! They didn’t tell me that we wouldn’t be getting proper food like the crew would be getting. They got catered food. We didn’t!”

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Will there be a “One Car Too Far” Season 2, you think?

Gary: “Whoa..we’d need to ask Discovery Channel but if we get good ratings and people like it then yeah! It’d be great to actually showcase what else we can do to survive situations like that, or survive more extreme situations.”

Bill: “The show’s pretty amazing because it’s not just for men or about survival or off-roading – it’s a show for the entire family because it’s covers so many other aspects. There are elements of action, adventure, bromance..all that in a treacherous environment so everyone and anyone can watch it!”

From perilous icy glaciers, to intensely humid and sense jungles, to shifting sands in arid deserts, and mountains with treacherous slopes and sub-zero temperatures, “One Car Too Far” pushes the limits of human endurance and explores the measures we resort to in order to survive.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Catch Gary and Bill on Discovery Channel’s latest survival series and be prepared to take the drive of your life on Astro Channel 551 every Wednesday (9pm), beginning 26th September 2012 (Wednesday). “One Car Too Far” encores every Monday (4pm) and Thursday (12am).

For more information, visit their official website.

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