Barely a year ago, two of a K-pop super boy group members found themselves stuck in muddy waters for individual troubles. Kwon Ji Yong aka G-Dragon (also leader of the group) was tested positive for marijuana use while Kang Daesung (the one with the golden voice) was involved in a car accident which cost a person’s life.

Back then, it seemed as though there was a high chance that BIGBANG might disband. Their promotional activities came to a halt and both members stayed away from the limelight due to the bad press they were receiving.

G-Dragon & Daesung on “Healing Camp” in early 2012, their first ever TV appearance after their incidents.

It was in those months that VIPs (fans of BIGBANG) jumped to their rescue, defending the group till the end, and at the same time, BIGBANG also lost a lot of followers.


They’ve bounced back since those difficult times with the release of their BIGBANG “Still Alive” CD and the boys went on to announce their first ever world tour in the years that they’ve been together. People hailed it a great big comeback for the boys. It took them a great amount of time to find the courage to stand on stage again.

However, the “baby” of the group, 22-year-old Lee Seung-Hyun aka Seungri seems to have found himself embroiled in a sex scandal recently. Sorry, did we say a sex scandal? We meant two sex scandals:

On 13th September, Japanese weekly magazine “Friday” published leaked photos of Seungri asleep and half-naked in bed. Presumably taken by the Japanese woman who had a one night stand with him, the photos show a man who looks exactly like Seungri.  While fans have defended the boy, claiming that the pictures must’ve been photoshopped, one thing is true though – Seungri really was in Japan around the same time that the pictures were taken. The Japanese woman also went into explicit details of their “bedroom adventures”, claiming that Seungri has a “choking” fetish.

Source: allkpop

Too much information!

On 18th September, Taiwanese media “Apple Daily” reportedly published photos and a video of Seungri getting kissed by Anna Kubo (Japanese model and actress). Anna Kubo previously dated Jaycee Chan (Jackie Chan’s son). The duo was in Hong Kong for their Japanese drama, The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case”. As the pictures would prove, Seungri and Anna seemed very comfortable holding hands, hugging, and kissing in public. Too comfortable, in fact, for a pair that weren’t supposedly dating. (Source)

Source: soompi

YG Entertainment, BIGBANG’s talent agency and record label has yet to comment on the scandals.

Oh, Seungri. Please behave.

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