When Apple launched the iPhone5 a week ago, they also announced that their iOS6 will be replacing the familiar Google Maps with their own product.

Apple’s Maps came with a lot of promising features such as the new 3D maps, the “Flyover” feature (for getting a bird’s eye view of a particular area), and also the turn-by-turn voice navigation.


Sure, it all seems spectacular at first and at the same time, superior to Google Maps. But the iOS6 upgrade has come and gone, and it left thousands of Apple fans, uh, confused.

The early iPhone updaters (read: users) have discovered major (and by major, we mean massive) problems with Maps’ maps and directions. Landmarks are either missing or misplaced, people’s homes have ended up in fields, and a gynecologist clinic in Singapore has been tagged a pet store.

Don’t even get us started on some extremely awkward satellite pictures:

Oh yay! This looks like a lot of fun!
Coral Sea ain’t exactly located at sea, huh?
Hi London. You’re looking a bit flat these days.
We swear it was just there last week.
So many options but all only halfway to desired destination.
Awkward Starbucks is awkward.
In Singapore, gynecologists double as vets, apparently.


Well now, that’s awkward. Apple Maps is still getting a lot of bad press across all tech portals and social media platforms as we speak. You cannot imagine the explosion of retweets and Facebook shares that we’ve seen all day! (Source)

Let’s hope the tech giant quickly fixes this mess so that it can all become water under the bridge and we can all get on with life.

Meanwhile, it’s worth the LOLs though, right?

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