This year’s Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) will officially kick off in October and it’s going to be a spectacular month long food fare! Into its 12th year this year, the MIGF will feature a rich culinary adventure where 30 of Malaysia’s finest restaurants will be serving up Special Festival Menus at Special Festival prices, alongside a host of Special Festival Offers.


More importantly, Carlsberg Malaysia has announced that they will be the official beer sponsor in this year’s MIGF, with their diverse portfolio of internationally acclaimed beers, spirits, and wine products participating in an assortment of culinary activities complementing the annual culinary fiesta.


Double yum!

Discerning drinkers of the Festival will have a chance to sample four top premium beers, a new exciting cider, and the world’s most revered single malt whiskey, and a well-known cream liquor:

Carlsberg Green Label

The crown jewel of the Carlsberg Malaysia’s portfolio of beers has been known to enhance Asian food such as vegetable or fish soups, light seasoned fish dishes and in particular roast meat with gravy. Made from Carlsberg Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis yeasts, the lager presents a clear harmoniously balanced taste.

Kronenbourg 1664


The No.1 premium beer brand in France and its wheat beer Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, well-known as the Champagne of Beers, on the other hand provides discerning beer lovers a more flowery and fruity aftertaste. Paired with canapés and starters, the combination offers a perfect blend of flavours that enhances with every sip.

Asahi Super Dry

The No.1 Japanese beer around the world, is the first Karakuchi brewed beer with a clean, crisp and refreshing taste with no bitterness. Its combination with teriyaki, sushi or sashimi courses forms pure perfection.

Somersby Apple Cider

The newest cider in town that celebrates sunny moments of togetherness is an ideal alternative to beers. This refreshing cider made from uniquely juicy apples will be a great addition to any meal.



Belgium’s premium brewed beer from The Monks of Grimbergen Abbey in Brussels offers a range of beer, each with its own distinctive taste – a refreshing wheat beer with citrus characters, a full bodied blonde beer with a spicy and fruity tinge and a sweet, tangy brown beer with a caramel and chocolate touch. Combined with the right dishes, it delivers a burst of delicate hues.\

Dalmore 15 Years

The world’s most revered single malt’s impact on the palate is intense. With special attributes of citrus, sherry and exotic spices; this classic spirit quickly surpasses all expectations and is deemed the perfect drink to wind down at the end of an unforgettable night.


A cream liquor best served over ice seamlessly blends with dessert dishes. It is fresh, smooth and well-rounded with a full creamy taste, enriched with nuances of the exotic Marula fruit that will caresses the palate with a velvety and rich taste.

Each of these brands carries an inimitable flavour and style giving rise to spectacular epicurean delights that is guaranteed to tantalise the taste buds of food connoisseurs around town. MIGF 2012 will run for the entire month of October (1st October to 31st October). We call dibs!

For more information, visit the MIGF’s official website or hit up Carlsberg Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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