Them boys, they came, they saw, they conquered. One thing’s for sure though – it’s quite possible that their Malaysian fanbase grew overnight too while they were here in Kuala Lumpur. People who have more often than not found themselves questioning the appeal of Nathan, Max, Siva, Tom, and Jay can now stop wondering.

At least after they’ve read our interview with The Wanted. Or after they’ve seen this:

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You’d see why it’s so easy to love them, over and over again. We did. We still do!

Hi boys! Welcome back to Malaysia!

All: “Thank you!”

Have you tried any of our traditional or local food yet?

Jay: “This time around I didn’t try it but the first time we came here I tried the fruit, um, durian? I was not a fan of it at all!”

Tom: “Jay described it as a snot-textured fruit that smelled like feet.”

All: “(laughs)”

Siva: “We tried nasi lemak. That’s good!”


Tom: “We got it described to us as, ‘fat rice’ (laughs)”

Nathan: “I just had a great club sandwich as well..”

Tom: “Yes, Nathan. That’s..traditional..”

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)
(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

That was an awesome concert last night. We didn’t think the fans would stop screaming!

Jay: “It was like a war.”

All: “Yeah!”

But wait, hang on, which one of you boys do you think has the most fans?

Siva, Max, Tom, Jay: “Nathan.”

Nathan: “(sheepish look)”

Jay: “He’s the baby.”

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Really? Aww.

Jay: “See! Everyone does this! They always go, ‘Aww..’. He’s only 19 and we met him when he was 15 so it has been a long time. We’ve seen him grow into a man.”

How do you deal with it though, Nathan?

Nathan: “It’’s strange. Each one of us gets different ages of fans. So, the really young ones usually have quite high pitched screams so I think I might be slightly deafer because I’m the youngest. Then Max always gets like, a lot of uh..”

Siva, Tom, Jay: “Cougars.”

Nathan: “And they’re always very seductive and very forward with him. They’d just be like, ‘Oh this is my daughter..’ ‘Hi Max. How are you? (laughs)”

Jay: “The cougar would shove her daughter to Nathan!”

All: “(laughs)”

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Speaking of females, or rather, women, if you could choose one female actor to be in your next video as your love interest, who would you choose?

Nathan: “Mila Kunis”

Jay: “Can I have two? No? Okay. Mila Kunis it is then.”

Tom: “Kristen Stewart.”

But she would cheat on you, Tom!

Tom: “Oh come on she only kissed the guy!”

Nathan: “But the guy she kissed is married!”

Max: “Mine would be..Zoe Saldana.”

She was in Avatar, right?

Max: “Yeah! I’m a big fan of Avatar!”

Siva: “Jessica Alba. I’ve said this for three years so this has to happen. Somebody needs to talk to her – maybe one of you guys. Arrange it please. I’m getting all crazy here.”

Nathan: “I would so laugh if somebody put the question to her and she says, ‘Yeah I think Siva is such an idiot’ (laughs)”

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Oh! And pray tell, how was it like sharing the stage with PSY at the 2012 MTV VMAs?

Nathan: “That was great!”

Jay: “He’s really fun and we love Gangnam Style! We went out last night and we did the dance to every single song.”

Nathan: “Hey, I just met you! (does the Gangnam Style dance)”

All: “(laughs)”

Nathan: “The first thing that PSY said to me was crazy. He was like, ‘I’m sorry I’m too drunk’ and I was like, I like you already.”

Are there any big artistes that you’re planning on working with next?

Jay: “Chris Brown approached us at the MTV VMAs this year and we spoke to him before about doing something with him but he said that we need to make sure that it happens soon so that could be an option. There are some in the horizon but Pitbull probably going to be the first.”

All: “(nods)”

Jay: “And Nathan worked with LMFAO in the studio..”

Nathan: “We produced some really, really crazy sounds on the track so it might be a tiny bit too wild. It’s like, weird wild. It might be not the direction we’re going in. But’s a really great team they’ve got and it was a great experience. I’m sure next time we’ll work together and the boys will work with them as well.”

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Yay! More The Wanted awesomeness soon to invade the interwebs and our radio airwaves again. We can’t wait! Thanks for speaking to us, boys. We had a wonderful time hanging out with you and we’re kinda sad that it had to end so soon. So the deal is, y’all come back soon, yes?

And thanks to our awesome friends from Universal Music Malaysia for making this happen!

[youtube id=”pmx8rXtsllo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

For more pictures from their concert, click!

For more information, visit The Wanted’s official website or stalk them via their Twitter account. They also have individual Twitter accounts, you know, if you’re interested. In stalking. They are Nathan, Max, Tom, Jay, and Siva. Enjoy!

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