Oh dear.

For the first time ever in four decades, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is, no, not “launching” a new Disney character (to our dismay). They are launching the availability/sale of alcohol! Yup.


According to the Orlando Sentinel, thirsty tourists and Disney fans will soon, uh, be able to order a glass of wine or beer – but within the park’s boundaries. The sale of alcohol will be limited to dinner hours at the French-themed “Be Our Guest” restaurant, which opens in November as part of the park’s “Fantasyland” expansion.

Disney’s Maribeth Bisienere, a rep, told the Sentinel, “You cannot walk into a French restaurant and not get a glass of wine or beer. It made more sense to do it than not to do it! But there will be no beer and wine ‘to go’ from the 500-seat Be Our Guest.”

(Why does “Be Our Guest” sound so familiar? Anyone here remembers “Beauty and the Beast”?)

Apparently, the restaurant will sell 20 (mostly French wines) from USD8 to USD17 a glass, plus three different kinds of beer from USD6.25 to USD10.

Various readers and commenters have argued that it was a very bad decision as they feel that alcohol doesn’t belong in a “Magic Kingdom”. They’ve even gone as far as saying that Walt Disney is “spinning” in his grave.

Well, regardless, some parents and adults are going to be very happy, yes?



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