She’s come a long a far way since bubblegum pop. We’ve watched her bask in glory of the peak of her career, witnessed her turmoil and break downs, criticized, praised, you name it. Yet, at the end of the day, Britney Spears still holds a special place in our hearts.

Admit it – she made you giggle when Korean star and YouTube sensation Psy turned up on Ellen DeGeneres’ “The Ellen Show” and taught 30-year-old Britney the dance moves to “Oppa Gangnam Style”:

[youtube id=”QZmkU5Pg1sw” width=”600″ height=”350″]


And because she’s Britney Spears, we can’t think of someone better to have been chosen to grace the October issue of ELLE magazine. In a studded Versace dress, no less!

After all, she did make a huge comeback this year when she joined “The X-Factor”, alongside Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato.

Source: ELLE Magazine

Sporting a slimmer figure, the American pop superstar flaunts all that she’s got in various poses and even spills on the origins of her relationship with fiancé Jason Trawick. Of course, Britney (being Britney) stops Jason from spilling too many details since she reportedly made the first move.

In the October issue, Britney also reveals that she’s not glitz and glamour all the time. She says that she prefers jeans and sweats over “makeup-and-hair-ready” every time she goes out because she’s a tomboy at heart. We say, fine by us. Whatever you’re most comfortable in, Britney!

Source: ELLE Magazine
Source: ELLE Magazine

And as for haters? She says, “I guess I’ve been under the microscope so long that I don’t even pay attention to the nonsense anymore. I gave up getting upset about things people make up about me a long time ago.”

We have a feeling this issue is going to break sales records. Want to read the full interview? Go grab the October issue of ELLE magazine. (Source)

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