Entertainment – it goes beyond just the “idiot box” (read: TV) and computers these days. Sometimes, even some brands of smartphones don’t quite cut it. We already know that there are Blu-Ray players and HD capabilities for both TV and YouTube.

Although, you can’t quite possible be carrying a TV or a computer around all the time. The question is, what if you wanted high definition entertainment on the go with a reliable and nifty little gadget?


With the HTC One Series (HTC One X, HTC One V), you will be able to do just that wherever you want, whenever you want.


The new HTC smartphones will allow you to enjoy and share high quality movies, YouTube videos, as well as videos and photos from your own personal collection.

Think of it as a portable projector from your phone to the big screen.

High quality content that’s not from the Internet can also be shared anywhere and anytime because the Android 4.0-based HTC One smartphones’ cameras have simultaneous HD video (with video stabilization) and stereo sound recording.

Stuff some DLSRs are made of, even!15

Did we also mention that the “sound system” is something totally worth bragging about? With Beats by Dr. Dre Audio™, you can only expect to hear finely-tuned, excellent quality sound. Music please:

[youtube id=”yOwm-4KfhzI” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Has HTC changed the face of smartphone entertainment as we know it with the launch of their HTC One Series? Will you finally be able to keep the fun going with just “One”? Maybe. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Details are as follows:

  • HTC One X RRP RM2,099
  • HTC One V RRP RM999

For more information, visit HTC’s official website. More pictures from the launch are available at our Facebook page.

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