Yesterday, we found out that IKEA stands for “Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd” – the initials of the founder’s name, his family’s farm, and the village where he grew up. Can you imagine our surprise when we discovered that, though? IKEA has been around for 12 years now (it opened in 2000) and yup, it took us that long to figure it out!

All fun facts aside, since its opening in 2000, there has always been one annual IKEA shindig.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Something housewives, interior designers, and even the common people like us look forward to. It’s a source of inspiration, an almanac for IKEA products, and also an IKEA buying guide all tossed into one.


You know which one we’re talking about – the launch of the annual IKEA catalogue.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Early yesterday, IKEA Malaysia launched the new and interactive 2013 IKEA Catalogue. Smaller in size, it comes packed with new additional interactive digital content, accessible through a free new smartphone/table app featuring innovative image recognition technology that offers viewers additional catalogue inspiration on-the-go all year long.

Think of it like a QR code scanner!

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)
(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

The additional interactive contents includes:

  • New films
  • Interactive features
  • 3D models
(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

At the launch, Yeong Tze Kuen (Deputy Regional Marketing Manager of Ikano Retail Asia) said, “The new interactive digital initiative will offer more ideas and insights to out consumers in today’s technology. Consumers can view various films with ‘how-to’s and behind the scene clips, image galleries, 3D and interactive views as well as inspiring stories from our product designers”.

Available for Android and iOS users, customers can simply download the IKEA Catalogue app and get started spotting all the phone symbols on the top right corner in the printed Catalogue for more interactive features! Believe us, at first it feels awkward but after a few pages, you’d be searching all 328 pages of the Catalogue for more symbols and pages to scan:

[youtube id=”QQ8HNXtl7jQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Go on, try it. And watch the 2013 IKEA Catalogue come to life. Like magic!


For more information, visit IKEA Malaysia’s official website or hit up their Facebook page for more IKEA awesomeness. Lotsa colourful photo galleries in there! Just saying.

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