In 2009, American musical comedy-drama television series Glee was introduced to a-song-and-a-dance loving fans around the world. By 2010, Glee as a TV series and Glee’s cast members went on an “award show clean sweep” when they bagged numerous prestigious awards such as the “Teen Choice Awards”, the “People’s Choice Awards”, the “Primetime Emmy Awards”, and even the “Golden Globe Awards”.

Let’s not forget the crazy amount of other award shows that they were nominated for – for many consecutive years in a row.


On the hindsight, have you ever wondered where these “Gleeks” were before Glee’s success? Are you ready to find out? Correction – do you want to find out?

This month, BIO will be airing a special programme titled, “Glee: Keep on Believin‘”. The hour-long programme will give you insight on Glee and its cast members before its “superstardom”:

[youtube id=”qVHveJiISGs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

You might be surprised to find out what the stars of Glee did for their auditions. And yes, a few of them came from Broadway but many had no professional experience at all; one had never sung in front of an audience before taking the lead in Glee’s first big number.

And how did the Glee creators ever come up with the idea for this groundbreaking pop-culture phenomenon show? How did they manage to resuscitate a totally dead genre; the television musical?

Find out when “Glee: Keep on Believin'” airs on BIO (Astro Channel 731) on 15th September 2012 (Saturday) at 9pm.

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