Excitement is building up this morning at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles at the world’s favourite shiny, shiny MTV stars and invited celebrities flock the red carpet. From as early as 6am, a slew of #VMARedCarpet pictures have been invading our Twitter timeline.

We’re just hours away from stellar performances and the official announcements of this year’s 2012 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) winners! Gosh, this is so exciting. Must remember to breathe. Meanwhile, check out some of the red carpet pictures that have been tweeted so far by MTV themselves:

Jersey Shore

Source: MTV

The cast of American reality TV series, Jersey Shoe, are present at the VMAs, minus Snookie who recently became a Mama. Oh, you guys cleaned up well!


Source: MTV

R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo is in the house at the VMAs too, peeps. Check out his getup. Man can sing, groove, write songs, and dress well. So much swag!

The Wanted

Source: MTV

They’re coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time ever in about 10 days but first things first, it’s the VMAs for The Wanted. Chasing the sun halfway across the world much, boys?

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

Source: MTV

Wiz Khalifa is obviously not at a payphone trying to call home with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine today because he’s walking the VMAs red carpet. With a proudly pregnant Amber Rose. Are you wearing socks, Wiz?


Source: MTV

Look who else is there! It’s our favourite female rebel, the “punkstress” singer-songwriter, Pink. How is it that she always looks so cool? It must be the hair.


Source: MTV

We just interviewed these guys a few days ago – didn’t know they were going to the VMAs! Tonight, they are young. Hello, Andrew! Hello Fun.!


Source: MTV

Darling RiRi is strutting the red carpet looking fierce. She’s about a few minutes away from coming face-to-face with Drake with five nominations each, including vying for MTV’s “Video of the Year” award. We’re rooting for you, Rihanna!

Ru Paul

Source: MTV

It’s American actor, RuPaul! We haven’t seen him, uh, her..since “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything!”. Gosh. Nice sandals, RuPaul. Body beautiful, baby, work that body.

Taylor Swift

Source: MTV

Country/pop sweetheart Taylor Swift makes her red carpet appearance in a sharp white suit. A little different this year at the VMAs huh, Taylor? We were expecting a “princess dress” getup! Still gorgeous, nonetheless.


Source: MTV

Here’s Gotye as one of the VMAs early birds with a lady friend in tow. Looking smart, Gotye! Love the shades. Also, we can’t stop staring at his lady friend’s tattoo.

One Direction

Source: MTV

The crowd just went wild and we’re pretty sure we can hear the screams from halfway across the world. You know why, though? Because British-Irish boy band aka little heartthrobs have arrived at the VMAs! The young stars are looking handsome, huh?

Emma Watson

Source: MTV

Magic on the loose, magic on the loose. Emma Watson has arrived! Look at her, all grown up and strutting the red carpet. We can’t wait for her new movie (a film adaptation of the “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” novel) to be released!

Katy Perry

Source: MTV

Why so serious? Quirky artiste Katy Perry (who has four VMAs nominations this year) gives photographers a (we hope, playful?) glare as she arrived at the VMAs red carpet. How is it that she always looks so gorgeous, glare..or not? Wait, hang on. Where’s Mayer?


Source: MTV

Oh my goodness, run for your lives! Psy has arrived – with a chockful of Gangnam Style in tow. What a pose! Or, wait, was he just about to break into that dance that has gone viral?

More arrivals to follow. If you want more timely updates. hit up (ahem, follow) MTV’s Twitter account and be prepared to be flooded with twitpics! We’ve got our eyes glued on their timeline. Also, check out which of your favourite celebrities are in the running to take home a “spaceman” trophy.

The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards will be happening LIVE on MTV Asia, Astro (CH 713) at 8am!

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