So, a little birdie told us that tech giant Apple has officially signaled the arrival of the iPhone5 by sending out invitations for a “super secret event” happening on the 12th of September 2012. That would be next week. After so many months of rumours and leaked information/pictures/videos.

Gasp. We can’t breathe!

iPhone 5?

The e-mails, sent to selected journalists, include the line, “It’s almost here”. Trust Apple to continuously keep people on the edge of their seats by being a tease. The invite also features a figure “12”, which represents the date of the event, with a shadowy “5”, confirming all suspicions that they are launching a new version of the iPhone.


About time!

Here’s the thing though, Nokia and Microsoft are also expected to announce details of two new phones which will run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system on the very same day. Oh dear. Apple and its tricks up its sleeves.

Regardless, we can’t wait to see what the tech giant will be doing to try to stay relevant to the speedily changing times. Also, we wonder what else they’ll be announcing at the event (hint: a mini something?).

This should be interesting.


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