Move aside, “leong cha suet”, “Chinese Tea Ice”, & Coca-Cola. From Merdeka Day (31st August) until Malaysia Day (16th September), “Teh Tarik” is back to claim its throne as the ubiquitous national drink of Malaysia.

And if you’re a true blue Malaysian right down to the bone, you wouldn’t need an introduction to teh tarik. It’s the perfect balance of tea and milk in a single cup, good for sipping at any time of the day – yum.


In honour of Malaysia’s 55th birthday, Lipton, the world’s #1 tea brand has launched a nationwide celebration with the “I’m a Malaysian, Teh Tarik is MY National Drink” campaign. Malaysians from all walks of life are invited to pledge their support for teh tarik via Lipton’s Facebook page.

The votes aren’t limited to just Malaysians in Malaysia alone, of course. The specially-commissioned Facebook application also enables Malaysians from all over the world (hey, students in Australia and hey, hardworkers in Singapore!) to state their support for teh tarik as an authentic Malaysian creation.

Each fan who has pledged for teh tarik will then be awarded an e-certificate in recognition for their support at the end of the campaign.

And that’s not all.

As part of “I’m a Malaysian, Teh Tarik is MY National Drink”, Lipton will distribute 200,000 sachets of the 3-in-1 Lipton Teh Tarik (a new variant that was launched in March 2012) once they’ve secured 55,000 pledges from Malaysians. Key distribution points in 13 Malaysian states will be announced at the end of September.

Yay! We’ve voted. Have you?


For more information, visit Lipton’s Facebook page. And vote, too!

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