Cathay Pacific, one of Hong Kong’s major airlines, has finally stepped up to do what’s right in response to marine-protection campaigns from Asian environmental groups. After a joint petition was sent to them, they announced that they will no longer carry unsustainable sourced sharks and shark-related products.

We all know what’s the biggest shark-related cargo/shipping, right? Yup. And Hong Kong government figures showed that 10,500 tons of shark fin were imported into the territory last year, with Cathay alone handling as much as 650 tons. Hence, Cathay Pacific said that it would stop shipping shark fin!


Elin Wong (Cathay spokeswoman) said upon the announcement, “This will not have a material impact on our business. We did this because we now have compelling evidence that the majority of shark fishing is incompatible with our position on sustainable development.”

A statement from the airline reads:

Specifically, due to the vulnerable nature of sharks, their rapidly declining population, and the impacts of overfishing for their parts and products, our carriage of these is inconsistent with our commitment to sustainable development.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s biggest markets for shark fins, which are used to make the infamous shark’s fin soup. Cathay Pacific’s new policy would take about three months to be put in place as shippers had to be notified and appropriate procedures established.

Nevertheless, this will definitely slap Hong Kong’s huge shark fin industry around, ending with a big blow. We personally think that it deserves a standing ovation for more than a few minutes. Good job, Cathay Pacific! (Source)

For more information about shark fishing/finning, go here.

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