He brought cheers to the country and to those who were rooting for him back home when he made the semi-final of the men’s individual recurve W1/W2 (wheelchair) for the Paralympic Games.

But towards the end, he was edged by Italy’s Oscar de Pellegrin in a toe-to-toe shoot-off after they were tied 5 – 5 in the men’s individual recurve W1/W2 final at the Royal Artillery Barrack in London.


However, buoyed by the spirit of the late Mohd Salam Sidik (who was ranked second in the world during his lifetime), our 27-year-old national elite archer, Hasihin Sanawi powered his way to bag a silver medal. It was a significant jumped compared to four years ago when Malaysia won a bronze.

Wearing the silver medal proud and with his chin held up high, Hasihin said, “Thank God. This is my best achievement so far this year. I’ve never met him (Oscar), so I just focused on the competition and gave my best!”.

You did more than just giving your best, Hasihin. You have made your country and its nation proud. Congratulations, Hasihin! “Malaysia Boleh”!

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