Gary Cao, the Malaysian singer-songwriter known for his impressive vocal range, who is now based in Taiwan after achieving crazy success made headlines late yesterday – but not for all the wrong reasons. The Chinese Golden Melody Awards artistes, who is known all across Malaysia (of course), Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore is furious after discovering that one of his songs was leaked!

According to Taiwan media, the song in mention was titled, “Isn’t It Good” and was supposed to be one of his new songs earmarked for his upcoming album. However, it appeared on the Internet with someone else credited as its composer and lyricist.

Now, if you didn’t already know, the last time Gary Cao released a full studio album was two years ago. But perhaps Chinese music fans around the world would remember him most for one of his most notable works, his Chinese rendition of Karyn White’s “Superwoman”:


[youtube id=”xOVIDYoIxkM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

In a micro blog post on Thursday, Gary expressed his extreme dismay at the leaked song finding.

Why is it that a song I have not released is already on the Internet? The song I wrote became someone else’s? Where is the problem! I’m really furious. Really furious. Really furious!

It was also said that the losses incurred by Gary Cao’s music label due to the leak is estimated to be about NT$12 million (about RM1.25 million). The leak has also forced his record label to destroy the partially completed master recording for the song and compose new music for it before sending it to the US once more for post-production work.

The worst part of it all is that this incident will undoubtedly delay Gary Cao’s new album, which was originally scheduled for release later this month. Following that, his promotional schedules and deals have also been pushed back.

C’mon now, you can’t blame the dude for being upset.

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