We’re only two days away from 12th Planet‘s Malaysian debut at Vertigo Club, Gardens Mall. Thanks to our friends from Livescape Asia, we were given the opportunity to speak to the “Godfather of Dubstep (US)“. He speaks fondly of his work, his inspirations, and Sonny Moore aka Skrillex.

Is there some bromance going on or not? Let’s find out:


Hi John! We can call you John, right? It’s good to be speaking with you. How are things wherever you are (if you’re not already on tour)?

“Yep, John is right.  Everything is amazing, and life is great!”

You’re headed our way soon and we’re pretty excited about being able to watch you play live. What can we expect from your Malaysian debut?

“I have never been to Malaysia before, so I don’t even know what to expect.  I guess if you have never seen me before, expect to hear some bass fueled music.”

You started out as a DnB artiste before going on to produce dubstep. Now, what (or who) inspired that change and how’s that treating you so far? Any plans to experiment with any other EDM subgenres?

“I changed my moniker to differentiate the different genres I was creating.  Infiltrata was for DNB, 12th Planet was for Dubstep, and True Pseudo w/ ‘Flinch’ was my Electro / House alias. I just wanted each project to be different from my original, so that was the main idea behind the name change.”

Are there any DJs/producers in specific that you look up to or draw inspiration from?


“I draw inspiration from Skrillex, Skream, Flinch, Rusko, and Benga the most.  I think I look up to those guys more than anyone.”

Above all, tell us why these said DJs/producers play such a big part in your career.

“Skrillex & Flinch are great friends of mine, and every time I am down, they pick me right back up.  Skream, Rusko & Benga are the originators of the modern Dubstep movement, so everything they created was kind of my handbook for learning how to produce the music.”

So you’ve recently released your 2012 EP, “The End Is Near” (which we loved, by the way) featuring massive collabs with big names such as Skrillex and “Kill the Noise”. And you’ve earned yourself the “Godfather of Dubstep (US)” title. What’s next for 12th Planet?

“Expect another EP, more than likely titled The End is Near pt 2.  It will have the same energy as the first one, but with newer material.”

What’s your relationship with Skrillex like? You’ve been described as his mentor and stuff but we’re not buying it! Any bromance goin’ on or something?

“Haha, naa it’s nothing like Bromance.  But I do love him like my brother.”

Alright, final thing on our list (for now) – would you like to say anything to your Malaysian fans/Hype Malaysia’s readers?

“Please go easy on me, it’s my first time!”

We’ll try! See you on Wednesday, John. And thanks for speaking to us.

If you haven’t heard, America’s first king of dubstep is ready for impact with his debut in Kuala Lumpur. Warming up the decks for 12th Planet are KL’s most loved bass music honchos, Bud Culture.

Deets are as follows:

Date: 12th September 2012 (Wednesday)

Time: 10pm til 3am

Venue: Bianco, Vertigo Club, The Gardens

Admission: RM35 inclusive of one complimentary drink

For more information, visit Livescape Asia’s Facebook page.

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