A few months ago, the editor of Harper’s Bazaar Korea prepared for what would be one of the many epic shoots of the magazine’s history. Being a Korean version of the prestigious fashion magazine, they needed an icon/model that stood out amongst the sea of fashionistas – naturally. Who better to pick for the issue but Kwon Ji Yong aka BIGBANG’s G-Dragon?

The preparation took a while as the editor needed to lock down a location (Paris), venue (baccarat crystal museum), and also seek permission from BIGBANG’s label, YG Entertainment (full support and understanding given).

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Korea
Source: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Then, they had to prep the schedules (BIGBANG had concerts in Japan every weekend plus a world tour), flights, hotel, on-ground transportation, bodyguards..such is the life of a K-Pop star, really. But all of that paid off and the next thing they knew, they were shooting the kind and well-mannered G-Dragon decked in Givenchy’s new collection in Paris.


While G-Dragon was there, he also attended a few fashion shows. At the last show he attended, so many fans swarmed the venue that he had to leave the show through the back stage. And he wasn’t even the model or the “star of the show”!

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Korea
Source: Harper’s Bazaar Korea
Source: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Four days later, he left Paris and returned to Tokyo for a concert. The madness didn’t stop there though. The Harper’s Bazaar issue featuring G-Dragon’s shoot was released in July. Prior to that, the K-Pop superstar promoted it via his Twitter account. What were the sales like, you ask?

The magazine sold out in three days. Harper’s had to reprint the issue and even then, the magazines sold out again after a few days:

[youtube id=”Dj8P3cxKz84″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

According to the editor, no one can sell out Harper’s Bazaar quite as quickly as G-Dragon. Proving that he’s not only a “member of a K-Pop boy band”, solo artiste, producers, or fashionista – he’s a sensation.

Oh, and nice pink hair, GD.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Korea


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