With each Malaysian Independence/National Day, we’re reminded of how grateful we are to call this country our home. Everything from Malaysia’s melting pot of cultures, traditions galore, multi-ethnicity, unique diverse heritage, language, places, and food have become an integral part of our society.

Truth be told, it’s hard to not be proud to be Malaysian.

Today, Malaysia celebrates its 55th Independence/National Day. To commemorate the occasion, our team at Hype asked some of our friends and your favourite local celebrities what makes them Malaysian and proud to be Malaysians.


Serena C (Radio DJ, TV host, Emcee)

“I can’t go two sentences without saying “lah”, “mah”, or “(can) what”. I can’t imagine a world without teh tarik, roti canai, papadoms, bah kut teh, or nasi lemak! And because our self deprecating humor when it comes to different races, at the same time..our genuine love and respect that we all share for each and every different race, I’m proud to call myself a Malaysian. Through and through! Happy Merdeka, guys!”

DJ Goldfish (DJ/Producer)

“I’m Malaysian because..I love it. I love the country, I love the people, I love how everything works – it inspires me. I’ve been to alot of cities in the world but nothin’ comes close. Love my country! I wanna raise my flag high!!!! 55 years and still going strong. Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!”

Pietro Felix (TV host, Club DJ, Emcee)


“I am Malaysian because I was born here and fortunately, I feel blessed because of the cultural diversity that equals an amazing variety of food! And of course, that it’s available 24 hours a day. You can’t find anything like this in any other country. Thank you Malaysia for letting me eat well!”

Prema Yin (Singer-songwriter)

“I love Malaysia because it’s a place I call home. Family, friends, and of course the amazing food. I travel quite a bit, but I must say, Malaysia always holds a special place in my heart. Guess that’s what makes me Malaysian. Happy Merdeka Day, my fellow Malaysians!”

Fuad Alhabshi (Kyoto Protocol frontman)

“Most days of the year, I find it hard to be patriotic. That’s because there are far and few things that give cause for patriotism. We have horrible public transportation compared to say..Bangkok or Taiwan. The cost of living (dollar for dollar) is actually more expensive than Singapore. Our rights and human freedom in this country can sometimes be described as questionable. But yet, although the grass is greener on the other side, there’s always this..inexplicable feeling when I touchdown in Malaysia. It’s not the best but that’s every reason why it’s up to us Malaysians to make it better. As my feet lie on my home soil, I know that I want to stand my ground and fight for a better tomorrow rather than take the easy road and run. My Merdeka wish is that..I hope to give other people a reason to be proud of Malaysia.”

Julie Woon (Actress, TV host, Emcee)

“We are what we eat and hence I’m fully Malaysian because I’m fully loaded with all the amazing varieties of food in Malaysia. Everywhere I go I’ll be sure to rave about how amazing our local delicacies are! Happy 55th birthday, Malaysia.” 

Liang (Artiste, Radio DJ, Emcee)

“To be Malaysian is to be proud of a multi-cultural heritage, to be appreciative of a society with so many levels of trust and understanding woven into its fabric, to remain united against those who seek to divide, to be proud of both our history and our future. In our hearts and minds, in thought and in action, regardless of which corner of the earth, to have our roots in this land and call Malaysia home. This is what makes me a Malaysian, and proudly so.”

Adam Carruthers (TV host, Emcee)

“55 years ago, we were all on horses and stuff like that. We’ve come a long, long way, Malaysia and it really is a great place to live. I’ve had friends come out here and they love it! In fact, they end up staying far too long. Everybody I know who has been to Malaysia loves it – and it’s for good reasons. We are a nation united at the end of the day. Plus, Malaysia gave us Khairul Fahmi Che Mat! Happy Merdeka to all you proud Malaysians!”

Happy holidays from us at Hype Malaysia.

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!

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