Late yesterday, Astro announced that the latest movies from Astro First and Astro Best, on top of their huge library of other titles are now available through Astro B.yond VOD. True to its slogan, it really is a “World of Movies”. You know what that means though, right? The rise of couch potatoes.

And we’d gladly fall into that statistic please.

With Astro Best and Astro B.yond VOD, we can now enjoy the best of movies at our fingertips, anytime. This includes both Hollywood and Asian titles, which will air as early as three months after the movies’ cinema release in stunning High Definition in the comfort of your own home.

Henry Tan (Chief Operating Officer of Astro) shows how to order Astro Best in 3 easy steps on Channel 481

Couch potatoes Movie buffs can now purchase Astro Best Hollywood titles such as “Marvel’s The Avengers”, “The Hunger Games”, and the hit Korean movie chronicling the rise to stardom of several KPop artistes, “I AM: SM Town Live Tour in Madison Square” on Astro Channel 481.

Customers can purchase Astro Best movies via SMS on Astro Channel 481 at RM10 per movie with up to 12 different viewing times for each movie, giving Astro customers the convenience of watching it anytime within 48-hours upon purchase.

“Today, Astro launches Astro Best to provide our customers with more titles to view Hollywood and Asian movies at an earlier window compared to the usual Pay TV channels. Astro Best is launched at the back of the phenomenal success of Astro First, which has set a new global benchmark for Pay Per View movie offerings. Customers with an Astro B.yond PVR internet connected box will also be able to access a bigger library of films, popular entertainment and drama ‘box-sets’, documentaries, catch up titles, Astro First and Astro Best titles through Astro B.yond Video-on-Demand (VOD)”, Henry Tan (Chief Operating Officer of Astro) said at the launch.

Astro is working with international studios like The Walt Disney Company, Lionsgate, Sundance Channel, Animax, Fortune Star, CJ Media, and Unitel Classica so that Malaysians can access the studios’ library of Hollywood and Asian titles.

From Left: Voo Chih Yeong (VP of Affiliate Sales & Marketing, SPE Networks-Asia Pte Ltd), Wendy Reeds (Executive Vice President of Lionsgate), Amit Malhotra (VP & General Manager of Media Distribution & Sales, Disney Media Distribution), Henry Tan (Chief Operating Officer of Astro), Liew Swee Lin (Chief Commercial Officer of Astro), Agnes Rozario (Vice President of Content Management Group, Astro), Brian Lenz, (Chief Innovation Officer of Astro)

We know one thing for a fact through – all 3.1 million Astro customers are going to be deliriously happy! Also, we can’t find a reason to leave home anymore. Shucks.


For more information on Astro Best and Astro B.yond VOD, visit their official website.

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