Just as we’re starting to get into the groove again after the previous long weekend, we’re greeted by another. Not that we’re complaining. So, what’s everyone’s plans?

Are you planning on staying in to gloriously veg out in front of your TV? Thinking of hitting up the city armed with some of that red paint (if you know what we mean)? Or would you prefer to lay low with a couple of buddies in a bar near home?

Either way, here are some ways you could spend your long Merdeka weekend:


Glow Paint Party at Republic (10pm onwards, 30th August 2012)

Nothing says “party” quite like glow paint. Seriously, when was the last time you went to a party that provided not only the grooviest choons from the DJs, but also UV paint? Oh, and Halloween doesn’t count. This sounds like it’s going to be a mini rave already!

Fireworks In Your Ears at Laundry (8pm onwards, 30th August 2012)

In true “eve of any holiday” tradition, celebrations are a must. And Laundry hasn’t fallen very far from the Merdeka celebrations tangent. Here’s one for those who aren’t planning on straying too far away from home and yet want to have a smashingly awesome time!

DJ Rodion at Bedroom KL (10pm, 30th August 2012)

Brave enough to venture into the city on Merdeka Eve? Or better yet, if you’re going to be in the city anyway, then you might as well catch the Italian disco maestro extraordinaire live at Bedroom, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur!


Shogun at Zouk Club KL (10pm onwards, 31st August 2012) 

This one, we’ve talked about since the dawn of time. Okay, no. Maybe not the dawn of time. Just as early as the first week of August! But you know what we mean. EDM lovers, Shogun will be playing at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur, yo! Some party it’s going to be.

Or, if you’re planning on staying in like we’ve mentioned, we haven’t forgotten about you. Our advice thought? Turn on the TV and catch:

The Malayan History on HISTORY™ (Astro Channel 555) (2pm, 31st August 2012)

This two-hour special on a bloody struggle waged by the Communist Party of Malaya against thousands of Malayan, British and other Commonwealth forces in order to create a Communist Republic makes extensive use of original archive footage and photographs, while former intelligence specialists, policemen, soldiers and terrorists offer vivid accounts of a war that lasted twelve years and cost thousands of lives.

Consider your long Merdeka weekend complete. Also, consider yourselves spoilt for choice!

Thank us later.

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