For years, he was with American power pop band, “The Click Five”. So when we heard that he was launching his solo career consisting of his own sounds, we were super curious and excited to hear it. Our excitement went through the roof when our friends from Warner Music Malaysia told us that Kyle Patrick was paying us a surprise visit last week.

Of course, we took the opportunity to check up on 26-year-old singer-songwriter. You know, just to find out what’s been happening and stuff.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Hi Kyle! Welcome back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. First things first, we have to say you totally surprised us! What brings you our way this time?


“That’s how I’m operating at the moment! I was in Singapore for MTV session on the 15th and it was amazing. It was my first show as a solo artiste and I had my own stage. It was beautiful. It’s my fourth, maybe fifth time here in Malaysia. I’ve always wanted to come back so we put together some stuff and I’ll be performing a live show tomorrow night at Club Neverland. I’ll also be doing some TV stuff while I’m here.”

So you’ve got a solo artiste album out now – what’s that like? Tell us more about the writing process for the songs.

“I wrote and co-wrote the songs. I wanted this album to be very collaborative and very different so I brought a lot of people in who co-wrote the songs with me. I worked with all my friends and I’m lucky to have a really amazing network of talented fans. I also worked directly with my fans to create it – yes, my fans were my record label at that time. Ultimately, they’re the ones who are following me and supporting me.”

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

As a singer-songwriter who is constantly meeting other singer-songwriters like yourself or performing alongside other musicians, are there any artistes who stand out (in your eyes)? Especially those who inspired you and continue to inspire you, or those whom you’d like to someday work with.

“I think I have a few..wait. If I were to make a recording, I’d like to work with Robyn, La Roux, and David Bowie. I mean, if let’s say today, I could write a song with Robyn or open for her in a show, I would be over the moon. Or you know what? Katy Perry. She’s great! She’s awesome and she’s a great person. I’d love to do something with her.”

We’re really interested in your social work. We understand that you’re sort of like an activist who’s speaking out against human trafficking..

“I was introduced to the MTV Exit campaign in 2008 and we (The Click Five) performed an acoustic show at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. That’s when we discovered it. We had no idea all of that was going on – I didn’t know all of that was happening. We played at a shelter for survivors of human trafficking such as girls who have survived prostitution and brothels, and it was terrible to hear their stories. What this means for me is to play shows and concerts to raise awareness. I’ll continue to be a part of it as long as it’s still happening.”

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Aww. Kyle is such a sweetheart. It’s hard to not love him. Props to the boy for standing up and speaking out against human trafficking. Thanks for speaking to us, Kyle.


And thanks to the awesome Warner Music Malaysia for making the interview happen!

To hear all his songs, click! For more information on Kyle, hit up his official website. For more timely updates (or, you know, to stalk him), follow Kyle’s via his Twitter account.

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